Europe – The Migrant Crisis And Islamic Terrorism Explained

Europe – The Migrant Crisis And Islamic Terrorism Explained

Most people won’t equate the current European migrant crisis and refugee issue with Islam,Muslims and Islamic terrorism but here we explain the connection and it’s disturbing relationship. Terrorist Attacks in the name of Islam have risen dramatically with bomb,knife and car and truck attacks against the ‘infidels’.

Many hundreds have already been murdered across Europe in the name of ‘Allah’ Jihad and Islam.

Migrants from Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,Libya,Ukraine, and many other terrorist countries have been flooding into European countries like the UK,Germany,France,Spain,Italy,Greece,Bulgaria and many other European lands for many years now.


As most of the asylum seekers,refugees and migrants come from Muslim countries Europe has seen a boom in the building of Mosques,Halal Outlets and a rise in Burkas, Burkini, Hijab and other Muslim clothing on the streets . Muslims are demanding that English common law be altered to fit the Koran and Shariah Law.  The result has been a rise in so-called Islamophobia mainly directed at the far-right and right wing Facebook and blogging groups such as EFI News

Many European countries like Sweden,France,Denmark and Germany now have ‘no-go zones’ due to a concentration of Muslim Immigrants. Once an area is mainly Muslim, other faiths like Christians,Jews,Sikhs,Hindus etc are forced out with terrorism,exclusion and violence.

As any given countries Muslim population rises above the 10% mark we see a decline in law and order, introduction of Muslim Only Schools, separation of boys and girls and Halal is demanded in Schools,Hospitals and other public establishments. Sharia Law and Sharia courts become prominent, leading to amputation,stoning,lashings,caning and gays/homosexuals are thrown from rooftops and killed.


So to sum up: 

Migrants and refugees from Muslim countries invade Europe,set up ghettos,sharia law courts,build mosques and madrassahs while buying up local shops and food outlets which will only serve halal compliant goods.

Already we can see anti-islam protest movements growing with protests against Islamic domination.

Where will this all end? Sadly it can only result in a division of faiths with civil war and unrest in Europe.